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They were told that a hurricane was coming...

They were told to pack for three days...

They were told to evacuate the city...

They thought they would return home...

But in a single day, the destiny of
one church was changed forever!


Hurricane Katrina had already struck southern Florida as a mild Category 1 hurricane, but after returning to the Gulf of Mexico and regaining strength, she was back! Only this time, she was predicted to be a dangerous Category 5 hurricane, and her next target was none other than New Orleans, Louisiana. For the city was warned that a storm like Katrina could eventually strike; but no one knew exactly when. Yet, in 2005, the time had finally arrived. Hurricane Katrina had her eye on the Crescent City.

As the city's residents scrambled to prepare for the worst, thousands hunkered down while countless others evacuated. But one eastern New Orleans church called Smoking for Jesus Ministry made plans to evacuate and weather the storm together! In a 40-car caravan of approximately 200 members, they began a journey that would mark one of the greatest modern-day deliverance stories of our time.

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