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Min. Claudette Monnet

Minister Claudette Monnet, came to know the Lord in 1986 and understood what it really meant to be saved and put her trust in the Lord in 1988.  In 1989 met and married Bishop Willie L. Monnet Sr.,
Through the divine intervention of God their marriage brought together two broken families separated through divorce and hard times. (Four girls by Minister Monnet and four boys by Pastor Monnet) Minister Monnet immediately began her ministry of mothering to hundreds of young people that never truly knew the nurturing love of God.

Minister Monnet mentors women on a daily basis and twice weekly she teaches the “A Woman God Can Use” bible study class to every woman who is willing to receive what God has for them through a spiritual mother and a spirit of nurturing to be able to feed others. While she oversees the dance ministry, House of Leah (home for single women), and Administrative staff, she also undergirds her husband in all of the ministry affairs.  She not only teaches how a woman can be used by God but daily exemplifies it in her Christian walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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