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Welcome to SFJM and the Body of Christ. We are bible believing church where worship of God, His Son, Jesus Christ, faith and community are essential.


We are dedicated to providing a spiritual environment for all who come through our doors. Whether you are looking for a place to connect with your faith, or you are just beginning your spiritual journey, you are welcome.

We have weekly services and events to minister to the entire family. Join us in our mission to spread the good news that God's only Jesus Christ died for everyone and every soul needs to know the love of God and eternal life is available.

Glory to God!

You Have Accepted Jesus Christ Now What?

Here is the next step into a personal relationship with God, The Father as you embark upon this new journey in Christ. Now What Book is free to download below.


As you read, go over the scriptures given pray and ask God to open up your mind and understanding. Do not be intimidated by the scripture, what you read nor afraid that you won’t grasp the Bible. God knows that this is new for you and wants to help you. Set aside a time ‌early in the  morning or at night to ponder on the scriptures. 

Also, you can tune in regularly to our weekly broadcasts on our YouTube Channel                              where you can get more indepth teaching and assurance about God and how he desires for you to know more about Him and the Bible. 

The worship of God, His Son, Jesus Christ, faith and community are essential.

Remember Jesus Christ and SFJM are praying for you.   



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